Police Investigation Could Give Boris Johnson a Lifeline in Party Scandal

LONDON — Just a week ago, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s political survival looked very uncertain, his party in revolt and the public angry at revelations about parties in Downing Street that breached lockdown rules. Now Mr Johnson appears to have been granted a reprieve – helped, ironically, by British police who have opened an investigation … Read more

Pittsburgh Bridge Collapses Hours Before Biden Infrastructure Visit

PITTSBURGH — At least 10 people were injured after a bridge collapsed in Pittsburgh on Friday morning, hours before President Biden was due in the city to discuss infrastructure. The cause of the collapse, which occurred around 6:45 a.m., was not immediately clear. Officials said none of the injuries were life-threatening. The 52-year-old bridge, which … Read more

Francis Bacon’s Animal Paintings, Analyzed by Animal Experts

LONDON — The painter Francis Bacon was never “particularly fond of animals,” recalled Michael Peppiatt, one of his biographers, in a recent telephone interview. Bacon largely grew up on a stud farm in Ireland, but he “shied away from horses and dogs because they triggered his asthma,” Peppiatt said. As an adult, Bacon didn’t have … Read more

Russia Hints at Diplomatic Opening in Ukraine Crisis: Live Updates

PictureUkrainian soldiers trained on Thursday in the Volnovakha district in eastern Ukraine.Credit…Brendan Hoffman for The New York Times PARIS — Even as the Pentagon warned that Moscow continued to deploy more forces to its border with Ukraine, Russia’s foreign minister suggested that there may be room to negotiate with the United States on at least … Read more

Relax, America: Willow, the White House Cat, Has Arrived

WASHINGTON—The cat has landed. After keeping the nation on tenthooks since even before taking office, the Biden White House announced on Friday that a gray cat named Willow had joined the first family, more than a year after the plucky farm feline from Pennsylvania caught the eye of the first lady, Jill Biden, while she … Read more

Russia Says U.N. Security Council Meeting Is Just a U.S. Stunt

Russia on Friday denounced a planned UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine as a “clear publicity stunt” orchestrated by the United States, and signaled Moscow’s intention to derail it. US officials said they were confident the meeting, which was to be broadcast live on Monday, would go ahead. The meeting of the Security Council, the … Read more

After 600 Years, Swiss City at Last Has a Woman on Night Watch

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — From the top of Lausanne’s cathedral late at night, Cassandre Berdoz is shouting out, loudly and on the hour, for women’s rights in Switzerland, a country that has been a laggard in gender equality. Ms. Berdoz, 28, is the first woman ever appointed to the role of night watch in Lausanne, despite … Read more

Two Simple Tricks That Help Owls Stay in Their New Homes

As far as wild animals go, the western burrowing owl is a tolerant neighbor to humans. When new houses and roads are built next to the tunnels that they call home, these owls put up with the noise and carry on hunting the insects and rodents that they eat. But the owls are increasingly on … Read more

Alarming Levels of Mercury Are Found in Old Growth Amazon Forest

The protected old-growth forest in the Amazon of southeastern Peru appears pristine: Ancient trees with massive trunks grow alongside young, slender ones, forming a canopy so thick it sometimes feels to scientists like evening during the day. But a new analysis of what’s inside the forest’s leaves and birds’ feathers tells a different story: The … Read more