U.S. Forces Return to Combat as Allies Struggle to Subdue ISIS Fighters

HASAKA, Syria — US and Kurdish forces battled ISIS fighters in northeastern Syrian on Saturday, in the most intense urban combat involving American soldiers in Iraq or Syria since the self-declared ISIS caliphate fell in 2019. Fighting spilled into the residential areas of in Hasaka, Syria, near where Kurdish forces were trying to subdue the … Read more

China’s Covid-Era Controls May Outlast the Coronavirus

The police had warned Xie Yang, a human rights lawyer, not to go to Shanghai to visit the mother of a dissident. He went to the airport anyway. His phone’s health code app — a digital pass indicating possible exposure to the coronavirus — was green, which meant he could travel. His home city, Changsha, … Read more

North Korea’s Latest Missile Test Appears to Be Its Boldest in Years

SEOUL — North Korea carried out what appeared to be its most daring ballistic missile test in years on Sunday, continuing its recent wave of launches despite US warnings that the country could face more sanctions. The missile was launched from the North Korean province of Jagang, which borders China, and crossed the North before … Read more

Italian Lawmakers Re-Elect Sergio Mattarella as President, Preserving Status Quo

ROME — After noxious and chaotic back-room negotiations, Italian lawmakers on Saturday re-elected the country’s current president, Sergio Mattarella, keeping the status quo, avoiding early elections and prolonging Italy’s current period of stability under Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who himself had covered the job. But the election of Mr. Mattarella, 80 and reluctant to serve … Read more

Phyllis Oakley, Female Pioneer at the State Department, Dies at 87

Phyllis Oakley, whose 25-year diplomatic career at the State Department nearly didn’t happen because of an unspoken rule barring female Foreign Service officers from marrying, died Jan. 22 at a Washington hospital. She was 87 years old. His son, Thomas Oakley, confirmed the death. He said she was healthy but “her heart just stopped”. In … Read more

Long Island Nurses Accused of Making $1.5 Million in Fake Vaccine Card Scheme

Two nurses on Long Island are accused of collecting more than $1.5 million by selling forged Covid-19 vaccination cards, according to the Suffolk County district attorney’s office. The nurses, Julie DeVuono, who owns Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare in Amityville, and Marissa Urraro, her employee, sold fake vaccination cards and entered false information into New York’s … Read more

Thousands protest COVID mandates and restrictions in Ottawa

Thousands of protesters gathered in Canada’s capital on Saturday to protest vaccine mandates, masks and lockdowns. The sounds of honking horns echoed around Ottawa’s downtown core. A convoy of trucks and cars parked in around Parliament Hill with some parking on the grounds of the National War Memorial before police asked them to move. People … Read more

North Korea to chair UN disarmament forum for 4 weeks in 2022

North Korea has nabbed a spot at the nuclear weapons table – and will be chairing it soon. The United Nations’ Conference on Disarmament will turn the reigns over to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for four weeks in 2022 – listing them as an upcoming rotational chair for the forum. “The session will … Read more

NATO chief stresses unity in face of China, Russia threat: ‘They do not share our values’

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warned Friday that a strong alliance amongst member nations is more “important than ever” amid mounting threats from China and Russia. “What we see are that Russia and China are becoming closer and closer,” he told Margaret Brennan during an Atlantic Council event. “They exercise together, they operate together, they stand … Read more

In Canada, ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protesting Vaccine Mandates Nears Capital

OTTAWA — After six days spent crossing Canada, a convoy that began as a protest against mandatory vaccination for truckers who travel to the United States was expected to arrive in Ottawa late Saturday afternoon, with its members and supporters airing a wide array of grievances. The loosely organized “Freedom Rally” or “Freedom Convoy” of … Read more